Our Optometrist Recommends Sunglasses during the Summer Months

Eye protection is extremely important during the hot and sunny summer months, but it isn’t always easy to find sunglasses that are fashionable and provide the right amount of protection. At Modern Eyes Optometry in Carlsbad, California, we have the guidelines, the professionalism in optometry, and the enthusiastic staff to provide proper shade for your eyes.


The UV-Ray Connection

Our Carlsbad optometrist wants to ensure your sunglasses are suitably protective for your eyes. The culprit to remember in selecting eyewear is sealing your vision off from too much exposure to UV rays. UV rays are the sunlight's maximum ultraviolet light that reaches the lens of the eye to potentially harm and offer long-term damage to your eyesight if left unprotected.

Here are warning signs when it's time to purchase high-quality sunglasses that protect both UVA and UVC rays:

  • Eyes begin to feel blurry and cloudy--a precursor to cataracts. Cataracts are diagnosed in those who suffer from night blindness, have less ability to see clear colors, and need extra magnifiers to read the fine print. 
  • Sunlight enters through the sides of your face and eyes, limiting your ability to visibly determine images without resorting to shady spots.
  • Normal prescription eye wearers should feel comfortable and confident with prescription sunglasses, either bifocals or their regular vision dosage.

There are numerous types of sunglasses to block out the UV rays during bright sunny days. The key is to find the most optimal pair that fits your face, addresses your current vision requirements, and is durable enough to sustain hours of the brightest conditions.

Our optometrist in Carlsbad has the solution. Once you've had an initial consultation and eye exam, we provide a plethora of options to choose from in order to gain the most coverage for your eyewear needs. 

If too much glare is an issue for you, we have you covered with our signature polarized lenses, especially suited for those engaged in outdoor activities and sports where constant sunlight is an issue. If you're needing corrective sunglasses, we can fit you with either our wraparound clip-on to wear over your normal prescription lenses or a regular pair of prescription shades. Either way, at Modern Eyes Optometry, we want you to feel assured that UV rays are kept to a minimum for the longevity of your eye health.

The End Result

Your eyesight needs the strongest benefit of proper sunglasses to protect from the harmful effects of UV rays. Contact Dr. Wang today, the premier optometrist in Carlsbad, and put your eyes in their healthiest light. You can call us at 760-678-0008 to schedule an appointment today!

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