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Our Optometrist in Carlsbad Introduces Sports Vision As Way of Improving Your Visual Capabilities

If you are an athlete looking to reach the next level, or if you simply are looking to invest more on eye care, sports vision training can be your solution! At Modern Eyes Optometry, our optometrist in Carlsbad can help improve your visual abilities with sports vision therapy. We understand how important hand-eye coordination, depth perception, and eye tracking is to athletes for performance. Thanks to our innovative testing and training technologies, we can help you improve your performance and overall vision on a day-to-day basis. 

sport vision

Our Various Sports Vision Tests Can Help You Reach the Next Level

Our sports vision tests go beyond the standard procedures because they provide a more detailed assessment of various parts of vision. Our optometrist in Carlsbad offers three distinct sports vision tests to improve each specific skill.

The first test is the contrast sensitivity test. This is where we assess how well you can track items that are low in contrast with their backgrounds. In a fast-paced environment, you may have a competitive advantage over others if your eyes can track with less difficulty.

Our second test is the Snellen Eye Chart. In this test, we will evaluate how acute your vision is from a certain distance. The farther your eyes can see, the easier it will be to identify what lies ahead.

And lastly, our third test is the ocular alignment test. During this exam, we will learn more about how your eyes work together to form a holistic picture and create accurate depth perception. 

Since everyone has a unique pair of eyes, we work closely with each of our patients to determine exactly what their goals are and how they can achieve ultimate performance. In addition to the sports vision tests, we offer various treatments and trainings to help your vision reach its full potential. 

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For more information on exactly how the tests will be administered, how you can improve your individual standards, to set up an appointment, or just to ask a question, call Modern Eyes Optometry at 760-678-0008. Our optometrist in Carlsbad will be glad to help you. Whether you are looking to ameliorate your general eye care, or looking more specifically to improve your sports vision and performance, this can be your solution.


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