Myopia Treatment

The need for glasses or contacts is far from rare. In the United States, more than 40% require some sort of correction, and for most of those people, the main issue is myopia or nearsightedness.


What is Myopia?

Myopia is a type of refractive error and is also known as nearsightedness. This means you see things fine when they are close up but have difficulty seeing things that are further away. Like other refractive errors, myopia happens because of the structure of the eye. In a myopia patient, either of these may be the issue.

  • the eyeball is longer than it should be.
  • the cornea, which protects the outer layer of the eye, is too curved.

In both instances, light is not hitting the eye correctly and is resulting in poor distance vision. The severity of the condition can be minimal or can progress into high myopia where the eyeball is excessively long. Those who develop high myopia throughout childhood, and sometimes beyond carrying with them a larger risk of severe eye conditions and potential blindness later, including cataracts, glaucoma, and retinal detachment.

Signs of Potential Myopia

Most of the time, those with myopia have their diagnosis confirmed by their eye doctor when they are at one of their eye exams. Most often, it begins in childhood, so parents are teachers should be mindful if they notice a child complaining of headaches,  tired eyes, or if they are squinting or rubbing their eyes a lot. 

Whether a child complains a lot, regular eye exams are important not only to monitor potential vision issues, such as myopia, and assure that the eyeglasses or contact lens prescription is correct, but to make sure there are no other issues developing such as color blindness, cataracts, and others. 

Treatment for Myopia

Treatment for myopia starts with getting the proper prescription for eyeglasses from your Doctor of Optometry. Our optometrist will prescribe lenses that not only are in tune with your vision challenges, but that help protect your eyes against things like UV rays and computer glare. For most people, glasses are the first form of treatment for nearsightedness, but if it remains in the mild to moderate range more treatment options become available, and many decide to get evaluated by their optometrist to see if LASIK eye surgery is an operation they might be a candidate for to achieve a more permanent type of correction. Typically, this becomes an option after the main vision has stopped changing.

If you or your child are having trouble seeing things at a distance or are having any trouble with your eyes, a trip to the eye doctor may be in order. To learn more about how we help with myopia and other eye health issues, contact us at Modern Eyes Optometry in Carlsbad, CA at 760-678-0008 to schedule an appointment.

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