Hard to Fit Contacts

Don't Give Up on Contact Lenses. Hard to Fit Contacts May Be What You Need.

Finding contact lenses that provide both sharp vision and a comfortable fit can be extremely difficult. Optometrist Dr. Howard Wang, your eye doctor in Carlsbad at Modern Eyes Optometry, has the expertise you need to provide both regular contact lenses and hard to fit contacts for people with special vision needs.

hard to fit contacts

Who needs hard to fit contacts?

You may need an additional diagnosis and fitting time to get comfortable contact lenses if you have any of these conditions:


Correcting astigmatism always takes a little more of your optometrist's time. The doctor has to write a prescription for correcting near- or distant vision. Then the doctor has to write a prescription for correcting astigmatism. But with contact lenses, that's not all. The contact lens has to be made of materials that won't slip on the surface of your eye. But those materials must also allow oxygen to circulate to the surface of your cornea. Prescribing the right contact lenses for astigmatism takes additional time and expertise.

Middle Age

By the time we reach ages 40 to 50, most develop a kind of "farsightedness" called presbyopia. We may or may not need correction to see objects in the distance, but we definitely need correction to see objects up close. Whether you have unusual needs that are best met with bifocal or trifocal lenses or you need progressive lenses, a lot more measurement is needed to give you the combination of corrections you need for your contact lenses.  But once you get the presbyopia correction that works for your contact lenses, reading glasses will be a thing of your past.

Dry Eyes

Modern life involves many hours with our eyes fixed on screens. Our phones, our computers, and our televisions keep our eyes fixed ahead so we don't blink as much. When we don't blink as much, our eyes don't lubricate themselves as well. You may need to see Dr. Wang to get treatment for dry eyes before you can get the hard to fit contacts that will finally work for you.

Don't give up on contacts. Let Dr. Wang prescribe your hard to fit contacts.

Hard to fit contacts take more time, more care, and more experience on the part of your optometrist. At Modern Eyes Optometry, we have the experience to fit you with contacts whether you have astigmatism, presbyopia, or dry eyes, or even if you have giant papillary conjunctivitis or keratoconus. Don't delay your enjoyment of great vision with contacts lenses that are comfortable. Make your appointment with Modern Eyes Optometry today. You can call us at 760-678-008!

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