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Eyesight is a remarkable gift when you think about it -- but it's also one that is often taken for granted. If you want to give yourself and your loved ones the best possible odds for a lifetime of optimal vision, you need to make sure that everyone's eyes are free of disease and functioning as they should. Here at Modern Eyes Optometry in Carlsbad CA, we offer eye and vision exams for every member of the family.

eye and vision exams

Comprehensive Eye Exams: Your First Defense Against Eye and Vision Problems

A proper eye and vision test involves much more than a simple check to see how well you can read a few lines of letters; it's a detailed evaluation of every aspect of your ocular health. Comprehensive eye exams are a necessity even if you believe that your eyesight is fine. That's because many of the conditions that cause permanent vision loss start "silently," producing no obvious symptoms even as they chip away at your eyes' capabilities. If conditions such as glaucoma or macular degeneration are caught early, much of this irreversible damage can be prevented, sparing your eyesight for years to come. Comprehensive eye exams are therefore your best insurance against serious threats to your vision.

A Variety of Exams From Our Carlsbad Optometrist

Our Carlsbad optometrist, Dr. Wang, administers a number of tests and evaluations in the course of a comprehensive eye exam. We start by asking you about your medical history and whether you've experienced any eye or vision symptoms lately. We then evaluate your eye function and health through:

  • Direct viewing of the your retinas and optic nerves (with the aid of pupil dilation)
  • Examination of the front of the eye with a device called a slit lamp
  • Evaluation of your eyes' focus, teaming, tracking, color sense, depth perception, and other functions
  • Eye chart vision testing to determine the exact nature and severity of any refractive errors you might have

Different age groups may need to schedule exams at different intervals. For instance, babies and small children undergo three major eye exams to track their visual development. Older children and adults may need an eye exam every year if we're watching an eye or vision issue, or every other year at the very least. Seniors aged 60 and older should have annual eye exams to guard against age-related eye and vision disorders.

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If you're ready to schedule an eye and vision exam, Modern Eye Optometry is ready to accommodate you. Call our Carlsbad optometrist today at (760) 678-0008!

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