Astigmatism is a vision issue where the refractive function of the eye is not working correctly, producing blurry or unclear vision for the patient. It doesn’t take much for an astigmatism to be present. The eye operates with a very fine-tune system for bending light that passes through the eye.


A Rare Issue at a Younger Age

Many people never understand what it means to not have their eyes work properly until they reach older age and begin to need vision aids such as glasses or contact lenses. However, some folks have an imperfection in the way that their corneas or the lenses of their eyes are shaped in development or due to an injury. These imperfections affect how the eye provides clarity of an image. 

A Bit Hard to Home-Diagnose

The most common symptoms of astigmatism are regularly confused with symptoms of advancing age. These include an increasing need for squinting to focus, blurry vision regardless of distance, an inability to see at night, double-vision, eyestrain, and headaches.

Astigmatism can easily be diagnosed during a comprehensive eye exam. Whether a person’s astigmatism is present in the cornea or the lens of the eye, our optometrist will correctly identify and diagnose the problem during an exam.

There are various methods use for treating astigmatism. The most traditional by far is glasses. Eyeglasses can provide vision correction for all but the most extreme cases of astigmatism. Contact lenses can also be used to treat astigmatism. Specialty contact lenses, called toric lenses, can be crafted to compensate for an individual’s astigmatism. Laser eye surgery can also provide vision correction for astigmatism.

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If your eyes suddenly seem to not be working by the end of the way, it seems to get getting harder to focus and read, or everything just seems fuzzy no matter what distance one is at from an image, it’s a good time to visit Modern Eyes Optometry. Eye exams provide an easy, quick way to pin down vision issues. Our eye doctor can evaluate your vision and determine if astigmatism is an issue as well as how to treat it effectively. Give us a call today to set up an appointment.


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